The Auger Conditioner

The entire snow transport system as well as the conditioner are made of stainless steel. The conditioner has a horizontal auger which is powered by an AC motor and funnels the shaved snow to the centre of the conditioner. A vertical auger with its own brushless AC motor funnels the snow from the conditioner to the snow tank.

An automatic snow breaker is standard.

The runners on the conditioner are replaceable.

The conditioners are available in widths of 84 “(2206 mm) and 96” (2511 mm).

In addition, the machine can be equipped with the following extras:

  • Laser system
  • Driver’s cabin
  • Camera
  • Automatic Edger
  • Water sprayer
  • Fluting narrow
  • Special painting

Laser system

The laser system allows for automatic blade adjustment with full control via the controller integrated into the driver’s cab.

The optimum thickness of ice obtained in this manner leads to a significant reduction of energy costs with an almost 100% level ice surface.

Driver’s cabin

The cabin is made of anodised aluminium profiles.
All windows are made of tempered safety glass.
Blank sections are filled with machine-coloured, painted aluminium plates.
Front and rear wipers and integrated cab heating are standard.


In confined spaces or passages used by the public, it is useful to monitor any blind spots with cameras.
Keep track of things optimally with up to four cameras.

Automatic Edger

With the edger mounted on the conditioner, you can resurface your ice right up to the edges while driving.
Hydraulic positioning ensures simple and comfortable operation from the driver’s cab.
The edger is accurately guided on the edges with the spring-loaded swivel system.

Water sprayer

With the water sprayer, a water volume of 350 litres per minute can be sprayed.
A spray width of up to 10 metres is possible with the adjustable lance.
With the added use of the snow tank, up to 2200 litres of water can be laid down per tank filling.

Fluting harrow

For curling a constant roughened ice surface is made by the fluting harrow over the whole conditioner width.
The fluting harrow is simply mounted on the conditioner and immediately ready for use.
The distance between the blades is 10 mm and the groove depth is continuously adjustable.

Standard painting

Special painting

Practically any colour variation is possible upon request.
Here a few examples:

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